Ps4 platinum headset dongle replacement

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Come join us and add your take to the daily discourse. Replacement dongle for the PlayStation 4 Gold Headset. Thread starter Raylan Start date Feb 17, Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion.

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Is it useless now?

ps4 platinum headset dongle replacement

I went to a few boards and it seems like they can't be replaced. According to a few people, it's " impossible to get a new dongle at all since they're paired at the factory ". The whole headset is a piece of garbage now, because the dongle broke?

Nah, I can't believe that. Hamster Plugin Member. Nov 23, 4, 56 Can't be bought separately and I think they are both paired together at the factory like you said, so yeah you're screwed. Kyoufu Member. Jul 26, 72, 4 0 London twitter. If he can't get another dongle then he could plug it into his controller with the provided cable.

May 21, 0 0. It's possible He'll have to hunt for a replacement dongle though since they're not sold separately. May 15, 1, 1 0 TX twitter. There's a tiny reset button on the side of the dongle so they can be repaired with another set.

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Not sure if this works with the Gold headset, but there's probably some available on EBay. Baron Von Beans Member. Wild thought here Pie and Beans Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.The PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset is a great-sounding, ultra-comfortable headset that can make some of the best-looking games sound even better.

We have to hand it to Sony. We love when console manufacturers pack at least a very basic headset with each and every console they ship out. Microsoft did it for the Xbox and then totally failed to follow through for the Xbox Onepacking one only into specific models.

It's not supported by every game, but when you find one that does, you'll appreciate its inclusion here. How do they compare to what's out there?

It's true that the Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset is getting a bit long in the tooth at this point it was released back inbut it remains one of the best headsets compatible with the PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately Australia didn't catch a price break in the last few years, but could receive one during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Platinum Wireless is an interesting mix of plastic, metal and rubber.

The top band consists of two metal bars that offer a lot of rigidity and hold the headset firmly in place. Beneath the top band is a rubber strap that cradles the top of the noggin, and then all the rest is plastic. We found that we could wear the headphones for about two-hour increments before we had to take them off for a breather.

The low-end comes on strong, but never overbearing, and it really shines with mids and highs. These actually make for a pretty good pair of replacement headphones if you want something to wear while just sitting on the couch watching the TV. Generally speaking this is probably one of the best-sounding gaming headsets on the market today.

Should you need to mute the headset at any time, or raise or lower the volume, you can find a row of skinny buttons along the outside rim of the left cup. We were able to play on and off for an eight-hour period, and we barely dove past the two-thirds mark according to the PS4. The basic audio cable should allow you to plug it into any 3.

Replacement dongle for the PlayStation 4 Gold Headset

Home Reviews. Our Verdict The PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset is a great-sounding, ultra-comfortable headset that can make some of the best-looking games sound even better. For Incredible audio performance Ultra-plushy earpads Great value. Against Indoor-only design Not the best for movies Plastic parts feel fragile. Price and release date It's true that the Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset is getting a bit long in the tooth at this point it was released back inbut it remains one of the best headsets compatible with the PlayStation 4.

Design The Platinum Wireless is an interesting mix of plastic, metal and rubber.Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do. How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset review

Any of your seriouse pairing gurus know anything bout that? Posted on Mar 12, PM. It lists "Wireless Adaptor" in the list of what comes in the box, and Bluetooth is not mentioned anywhere on the page. Posted on Mar 14, AM. Page content loaded. If the headset has been paired with the PlayStation, turn off the Play Station before trying to pair it with your iPhone or MacBook, or turn off bluetooth on the PlayStation before trying to pair it with your iPhone or MacBook. Mar 12, PM. It uses flashdrive like usp thingy that plugs into playstation 4.

It should connect with mac and iphone easy. If it doesn't pair with your iPhone when following the instructions included with the link provided, contact Sony support. I would if the instructions were for the headset I mentioned.

It doesn't have the power button and red or green lights. A Google or internet search is your friend, or better yet try the instructions that should be included with the product packaging. Mar 13, AM. Mar 13, PM. If it's not a Bluetooth headset, how are you trying to connect it to your iOS device?

Does it have a cable or cord with a standard 3. Just cant locate this info anywhere on the internet unfortunately nothing on google or youtube yet because this is a brand new headset that just came out about a month ago maybe even less.

ps4 platinum headset dongle replacement

I provided instructions for pairing a Sony wireless Bluetooth headset which should not be radically different or different at all between different Sony wireless Bluetooth headset models. It makes no difference if the little lights on yours are a different color from those included with the instructions, and if yours does not include a power button, it is not a wireless Bluetooth headset.

If the packaging does not include instructions for pairing the headset via Bluetooth, more than likely it is not a Bluetooth headset. If it requires a USB dongle for the wireless connection, I'd bet that it's not actually Bluetooth rather, some other wireless protocol; much like many wireless keyboards and mice require the USB dongle for their connection.

ps4 platinum headset dongle replacement

Have you actually confirmed whether it is in fact Bluetooth, such as in the User manual or Technical Specs from the manufacturer? Mar 14, AM. That might be it.The new enhanced headset will soon be available across the region.

The headset maintains the great features you loved about the Wireless Stereo Headset 2. Two optimally-positioned hidden noise-cancelling mics also help support clearer communication with friends and team-mates. Returning to the mix is high fidelity 7. With the included 3. The new design makes the headset extra comfortable to wear with PS VR as well. The App is also compatible with the pro-level Platinum Wireless Headset, which will continue to be available alongside Gold, offering innovative features like 3D Audio and 50mm speaker drivers.

Will thease be like the old ones because they was made that cheep the plastic cracked I dint even get my money worth out of them. Agreed, by the time mine finally gave up the ghost, they were held together by tape.

You are right that the old one broke in my case after one year. Well, this looks really interesting. They said this about the 2. It worked fine with PSVR wireless. The 2. Only option is a 3. Lost my USB dongle for my Sony Gold headset and no replacement for it that means if you lose or break the USB adapter you have to buy a whole new headset again. I had the same thing.

Called Sony support, very surprised to find spare parts of any kind were not available. Managed to eventually get a second dongle from a friend whose headsets got damaged in her bag. There is a travel bag included. Indeed its a pain in the butt that this cannot be replaced….

Mine and a friends old version both broke very quickly not impressed and agree with the dongle complaints too. Loved the 2. C mixamp for much better audio quality.

I assume these are going to replace the 2. I had 2 gold headsets and 1 platnum headset all snapped in the same place so y dont you just make headsets that dont have a folding part where it cracks and breaks after 6 months i bet sony did it deliberate so you have to keep replacing them. Turtle Beach are decent. Stealth is a poor design in my opinion.

If you are looking into a TB headset then go for the Stealth or the Elit Yes, of course it does. Before buying, read the other comments here and on Amazon. I appreciate Sony and love PlayStation, but the quality of these headphones are subpar.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message.

Ships from United States. Most customers receive within days. Sold and Shipped by NothingButSavings a-seller. Platinum Wireless Headset. Hear first, react first, and kill first! The PlayStation 4 Platinum Wireless Headset faithfully delivers everything from the whisper of ghosts to the thunder of guns in stunning 7. Its advanced, built-in dual mics capture your voice and cancel out distractions, ensuring a crystal-clear conversation during those crucial gaming moments.

The extended-life battery keeps you playing longer, while the lightweight design with super-soft earcups ensures it is comfortable enough to stay on your head for long gaming sessions.

The lightweight, durable design is comfortable to wear for hours. With an extended-life battery, you can stay in the game longer between recharges.

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Connect wirelessly to your PS4 and personal computer. Connect to a PlayStation VR headset or mobile device with the included 3. Pros: The price was right for a Sony headset. Overall Review: I like the look of them. I just want them to work. Cons: I just bought Astro A20 and you don't know what great sound in a headset is like without using some great headsets. I've noticed how much the PS4 headset pales in comparison.

Yes they cost a bit more, but it's definitely worth the price. Overall Review: If you can save up a bit more cash to buy a semi pro or pro headset, just do it. If this maxes out your budget then by all means buy these.

They're good for what they are.Sony goes premium with its surround sound, 3D audio gaming headset, but is it worth the money? Aside from the rather annoying diamond-shaped USB dongle taking up another precious USB slot on the front of your PS4, the Platinum headset is exceptionally well designed.

A mix of brushed stainless steel and the same matte-black plastic the PS4 is made from, the Platinum really nails the high-end feel. Its clean lines, sturdy build and smart placement of discrete audio controls mean these could easily pass for a pair of normal over-ear headphones. They fold away neatly, too, and come with their own carry pouch for easy storage and transportation.

Those ear cushions are subtly angled, too, so that they fit snugly over your ears without pushing the speaker cone right up against them. A small detail, but a welcome one, and it makes the headset comfortable to wear for long periods.

Design is only part of the reason you pick a headset, however. Using large, 50mm drivers, the PlayStation Platinum headset is capable of delivering crisp highs and punchy bass, and the virtual 7. Guns have weight; melee attacks have true presence; you can hear the rustling of grass around you and the crunching of boots on gravel.

Sony has also been working with developers to create bespoke sound profiles for some games. At the time of writing, only Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian have profiles, but both make a drastic difference to how you experience them. In The Last Guardianthose cavernous rooms feel truly empty: you hear the echo of footsteps resonate in your ears, and you can hear the sound of creaking wooden walkways as they bend and strain in the wind.

While 7. Currently only available in Uncharted 4although slated to appear in more games soon, 3D audio works by placing you within spherical sound spaces, plotting sound effects and audio in the space around you, a bit like Dolby Atmos but for headphones. In simple terms, this means you can hear, with terrifying accuracy, exactly where a sound originates.

It may sound like a bit of a gimmick but, after playing with it switched off, even virtual 7. Buy now from Argos. So, if you're looking for the perfect gaming microphone for team play, you might be disappointed by what the Platinum has to offer. You do get noise cancelling, and this works just as effectively as it does on other headsets on the market.

But for your average player the microphone quality is perfectly fine, and an improvement over the mono chat headset included with the PS4. Sony has also managed to create a wireless headset with rather impressive battery life. Instead of opting for removable, rechargeable batteries a la the SteelSeries SiberiaSony has gone for an integrated battery that recharges with the same micro-USB cable you use for charging the DualShock 4. That would be the Gold wireless headset, which launched a couple of years ago.

The chief difference between the Platinum and the Gold is driver size and 3D-audio compatibility. For one, the Platinum is completely wireless, where other devices require you to plug them into the DualShock 4 for chat functionality.Put yourself at the centre of every game with 3D Audio technology, enhanced 7.

Hear the horde approach from all directions in Days Gone, listen out for battles raging in the sky or on the ground in Anthem, track a Thunderjaw with complete accuracy in Horizon Zero Dawn, and experience the roar of the crowd and the shouts of your team in MLB The Show. Powered by 3D Audio technology Place yourself at the centre of the action with incredible 3D Audio technology, enhancing the 7.

Fine-tune your audio set-up for each of your games or take advantage of a selection of developer-created audio modes for specific PS4 titles. Enhanced audio modes from the creators Experience your games as the creators intended them to sound with custom audio modes crafted by the developers, available for select games via the PS4 headset companion app.

Discuss tactics and support your squad in the heat of battle with two integrated noise-cancelling mics. Each built-in mic is positioned to capture your voice with maximum clarity however you wear your headset, while never getting in your way — so no more mid-game adjustments to break your focus. SEN account and internet service required. Users must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent. Game update may be required.

For more info or to change settings, click here. Pro level gaming audio from our best PS4 headset yet. Platinum level sound Put yourself at the centre of every game with 3D Audio technology, enhanced 7.

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Immerse yourself in the action, from the roar of the crowd to enemy footsteps, in crystal clarity with enhanced 7. Create your personal audio modes or experience games as the developer intended with bespoke sound setups.

Easily carry and store your headset with a stylish foldable design and stay in the game with enhanced battery life. Enhanced 7. Custom audio modes Fine-tune your audio set-up for each of your games or take advantage of a selection of developer-created audio modes for specific PS4 titles.

Download the app. Try these games' audio modes:. Built-in microphones Discuss tactics and support your squad in the heat of battle with two integrated noise-cancelling mics. Compatible with multiple devices Experience complete immersion in virtual worlds with the Platinum Wireless Headset and PS VR, compatible via the supplied audio cable.

Listen to music or movies from your Windows PC or Mac, using the supplied wireless audio adaptor. Plug in to your mobile device with the supplied 3. Up-close images. More Less.

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